Mackenzie Barmen

This has been a dream of mine for a while, I just didn't know it. I've always considered myself an actor, but I never realized that burning passion to be behind the camera until I started experimenting. Now I've fallen in love with the whole process. I love to tell stories, create cinematic pictures, edit & color correct. Reel-U gives me the space to create, to push boundaries & ultimately produce dynamic, compelling footage for actors. It's a tough business, and we want to cut out that catch-22 of breaking into film the best way we know how. By getting you that footage. I'm originally from upstate NY, mom to the most feral cat on earth, & probably the weirdest person you'll meet. Let's get going.

Anthony Michael Irizarry

So... I'm the sound guy. Sort of. Because I'm also the fella (and by that I mean: actor/playwright/co-DP) who wields the wordsmith hammer to shape scenes that showcase the optimal you. Born in Puerto Rico, raised in ambiguity-- I've spent a great deal of time as an observer. Of the world. Of human behavior. My pleasure is in telling stories that fuse the precious metals of experience & observation: hammering a narrative that compels, informs...and sells.

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