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Scott Glen Revisits The Acting Bug

Unlike many actors who say they aspired to be performers since an early age, Glenn didn’t have an inkling that he wanted to be an actor until his late twenties, when he took acting classes on a friend’s recommendation to help with his writing. Glenn remembers, “I stood in front of about 11 people and started to open my mouth and literally, for the first and only time in my life, it was like a light bulb went off between my eyes. I thought, holy s–t, I’m an actor. It wasn’t like a big epiphany of creative joy and juices or anything like that. It was just that for the first time my life made sense to me. It happened that fast.”

Like his character in Greenland, Dale, Glenn is a military veteran. He drew on that experience, remarking, “To a certain extent, I think every actor probably, whether they intend to or not, uses whatever experiences they’ve had in their lives. So yeah, it was the Marine Corps, and growing up in Pittsburgh, and whatever things have happened, good and bad, in my life to lead me to this point.”

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