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Jodi Foster On Acting with De Niro

"Foster remembers, “He picked me up from my hotel — I was staying at the Essex House in New York City. We were gonna go to a coffee shop because he wanted to do rehearsals. But Robert De Niro was super method-y then, and he was very in-character, he was very Travis Bickle, so he didn’t say anything. He just looked awkward.”

However, Foster went to rehearse with him a few more times, but it didn’t seem to be getting anymore eventful. She recalls, “He took me to a diner, one of those deli-diners, and we were there for a really long time — it seemed like hours to me. And all we did was the lines. He couldn’t talk to me, or have any kind of a conversation. And then he came back, and he did this another three times, where he took me out. By the third time, I was like, ‘This is so boring,’ and I started talking to all the waiters and stuff because he was not much of a talker then.”

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