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Decoding Shakespeare

"Understanding Shakespeare can be an intimidating task for an actor. There’s the archaic language to navigate, the nuances of his writing to understand and articulate, and the pressure one can feel performing the work of an author so highly regarded in the theatrical canon. Even if you do manage to speak his words with some confidence and skill, it can feel like another hurdle entirely to do so with any warmth; and that’s to say nothing of actually enjoying the experience (which you’d hope, on some level, to do). Sometimes, we can find ourselves so tied up in wanting to ‘do Shakespeare properly’, we lose sight of what makes his work so endearing. This is a deadly mistake, because understanding Shakespeare is tied to appreciating his brilliance: how his use of words, language, and poetry come together to forge incredible characters and stories.

This article covers five concepts that will aid you in navigating Shakespeare’s words. While they are tied to helping you unlock the language itself, remember that their primary goal is to help you to a place where you can look past the more daunting aspects and truly gain an appreciation for the writing. There is no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy the works of William Shakespeare. You are doing yourself a disservice if you settle for anything less."

Read more at Stage Milk.

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