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But Have You Watched?

"So, you’re an actor looking to watch some movies for inspiration. Or, maybe you need a little primer for a certain aspect of the film-making process, or an idea for how to approach a specific sort of scene or moment or character. Well, good thing we’ve watched every movie in the history of cinema (questionable) and have concocted this perfect list that can cover every single one of your needs (100% factual). In making this list, we’ve tried to avoid just trotting out yet another list of ‘The Greatest Most Classic Most Bestest Films of All Time,’ because those lists exist already and you’re probably tired of having the same titles thrown at you with phrases like: “oh my GOD how have you NEVER seen KINDERGARTEN COP??” So don’t worry, this is a safe space. We just want to help you expand your horizons, or have a different look at popular films that could help you in your acting journey. Here goes!" Read it at Stage Milk.

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