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Alfred Molina's Promising Young Woman Process

Emmy Award-nominated actor Alfred Molina has had plenty experience playing unscrupulous characters in film and television and on stage, but he might top all of his previous nefarious characters with his brief, but significant appearance in the Oscar-winning film Promising Young Woman. Molina spoke with Variety about his role and working again with actress Carey Mulligan.

Molina first worked with Mulligan when he played her character’s father in Mulligan’s breakthrough film role, 2009’s An Education. That experience from a decade ago helped them fall into familiar territory behind the scenes. He explains, “I know that Carey likes to gather herself before a take, and she likes to kind of get into a quiet zone. She knows that I’m a bit of a goofball on set, and I’m making jokes and trying to make the cameramen laugh. We didn’t have to do any sort of protocol or prep. We just dove straight in.”

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