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Actors, Stay Stoic.

We are in the midst of an incredibly challenging, scary and turbulent time. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the world forever, and we are still not through the worst of it, even 16 months after it’s onset. Even as I sit here writing this article now, Sydney (where I live) has gone into partial lockdown, impacting thousands of people, including the majority of people in my community: actors and artists like myself. Just as we were gradually gearing up for ‘new-normality’ again, now we find that our work prospects and upcoming shows and projects are once again at risk of not going ahead.

And to add insult to injury, my laptop decided to delete my first draft of this article which was almost finished, forcing me to start from scratch today. Oh, the Humanity! Ok, so that last point is the least of all these trials and tribulations we face at the moment. What’s more, as residents of NSW we have been relatively unscathed by the pandemic in comparison to the rest of the world. However, actors and artists in particular are having a truly rough time as the industry adapts rapidly to the new world.

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