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Video Production Company based in Los Angeles, California speciailizing in producing original demo reels for actors & enticing and trendy brand videos for businesses.


For actors: save yourself the hassle of waiting for footage, and create a personalized, original, brand-specific demo reel with us.

For businesses: let us work with you to tailor specific, sizzling brand videos to showcase your product.

To schedule a free consult, shoot us an email at

We can't wait to work with you!

Why choose

REEL U FILM is a full service video production company specializing in producing on-brand footage for actors and enticing video marketing for businesses big and small.

Whether you're an actor looking to produce original, type-specific scenes for your demo reel that display your unique talents, or you're a business looking to produce enticing, attention-grabbing branding for your products, we've got you covered beginning to end - at the most offordable rates around.

As an actor & filmmaker myself,  I understand the importance of specificity, branding & the power of video marketing. Whether you're an actor or business owner, I will bring your unique personality to light.

With the best rates in Los Angeles and our personal, hands-on approach, you can't go wrong.

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Director, DP, Writer, Editor, Producer

Hi! I'm Mackenzie - an actor, comedian, content creator, voice actor, host of Bullshittery Podcast, writer, director and producer based in Los Angeles. Co-founding REEL-U FILM has been one of the most rewarding and exciting endeavors and I've helped create hundreds of scenes for incredible actors. You may have seen my content on TikTok or Instagram (@mackenziebarmen). I've been an actor for over 15 years and one of my greatest beliefs is that there is enough room for everyone to sit at the table. I will work closely with you, one-on-one, to create scenes that are specfic to your unique brand and personality, and create targeted, professional footage for you to propel your career. Quality footage is everything, and I can't wait to get you the demo reel of your dreams! If you want to know more about me, you can visit my website - let's work together.

Package Options

Let's work together to get the best footage for your brand.


Type-Specific Scene Production


One Fully-Produced Scene

Need to add a scene to your demo reel but don't need a whole new reel?

This is the package for you!

We will work closely with you to produce a scene written specifically for you. No scene database to choose a scene from - each scene is originally crafted for ecah client, so you'll never see the same scene twice.

We all bring a specific energy & talent to our brand, and we're here to highlight that.

Three Scene Demo Package


Three Fully Produced Scenes + A Fully Produced, Industry Standard Demo Reel

Having a great demo reel is key to standing out.

We'll sit and chat with you about your type/brand and write original scenes specifically tailored to you.
You'll recieve each scene in full, then we'll cut those scenes together into your unique, industry standard demo reel and cultivate the perfect package for you.


Video Marketing for Businesses

Starting at $1000

Create a commercial / video marketing campaign for your business.

Video Marketing and enticing visual representation for your business is a must-have.
We'll work with you and your company to create on-brand video marketing for your business that will bring in more clients, show off your energy & style, and boost your branding.

Scene Production Samples:

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