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REEL U FILM is a full service video production company specializing in producing on-brand footage for actors and enticing video marketing for businesses big and small.

We work closely with you every step of the way to create a product that speaks super specifically to your branding & archetypes and gets your marketing on point.

As actors, filmmakers & producers, we understand the importance of specificity, branding & the power of video marketing. Whether you're an actor or business owner, we will bring your unique personality to light.

With the most affordable rates in NYC and our personal, hands-on approach,

you can't go wrong with us.

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Director of Photography / Director / Editor / Producer

Mackenzie Barmen

This has been a dream of mine for a while, I just didn't know it. I've always considered myself an actor, but I never realized that burning passion to be behind the camera until I started experimenting. Now I've fallen in love with the whole process. I love to tell stories, create cinematic pictures, edit & color correct. REEL U FILM gives me the space to create, to push boundaries & ultimately produce dynamic, compelling footage for actors. It's a tough business, and we want to cut out that catch-22 of breaking into film the best way we know how. By getting you that footage and getting you in those rooms.


Package Options

Let's work together to get the best footage for your brand.


Type-Specific Scene Production


One Fully-Produced Scene

Need to add a scene to your demo reel but don't need a whole new reel?

This is the package for ya!
We'll work with you to produce a tight, on-brand scene that you can use to market yourself/add to your demo reel/take 20 seconds for Actor's Access, etc.

Three Scene Demo Package


Three Fully Produced Scenes + A Fully Produced, Industry Standard Demo Reel

Having a great demo reel is key.

We'll sit and chat with you about your type/brand and write original scenes specifically tailored to you.
Then we shoot & fully produce each scene and then cut together the best bits for a stand-out demo reel.

Business Meeting

Video Marketing for Businesses

Starting at $1000

Create a commercial / video marketing campaign for your business.

Video Marketing and enticing visual representation for your business is a must-have.
We'll work with you and your company to create on-brand video marketing for your business that will bring in more clients, show off your energy & style, and boost your branding.

Scene Production Samples:


Business Video Marketing Samples:


"It was an absolute joy to work with Mackenzie and Anthony to say the least. We spoke on the phone before filming and established a vision together along with a cozy place to film.

Within the next few days I had a script AND an amazing scene partner - Thank you Julian! From just one phone call, Anthony and Mackenzie captured my essence and were able to create a script that was sassy, fun, and tender all at once.

Completely new to the game, I was extremely nervous, but Mackenzie and Anthony made me feel at ease by peeling back the layers of what was happening in the script and keeping me focused on my character’s intentions. These conversations sparked endless laughs throughout the night.

Anthony and Mackenzie are intelligent, fun to work with and extremely reliable. I would recommend Reel-U for all of your media needs and can’t wait to work with Mackenzie and Anthony again. They provided an excellent service that was affordable, well thought out, and produced in a timely manner. Their chemistry and dynamic was infectious and I know that this is just the beginning of an amazing partnership! Get your life with these two!"

D'Nasya Jordan, Actor


Misfit Pandemia Podcast

Co-Hosted by Mackenzie Barmen and Anthony Michael Irizarry

Misfit Pandemia is a largely Art-Centric (but not exclusive) outlet for Corona displaced creatives to talk about their lives and projects before, during, and after this global crisis.

Preview guests include Ron Leshem (Writer/Exec. Producer, Euphoria), Boris McGiver (Actor, House of Cards, For Life), Donna McKenna (Casting Director), Elaine Del Valle (Writer, Producer, Casting Director), Alan Stevens Hewitt (Composer/Orchestrator, Lizzie The Musical) Mitja Okorn (Director, Life In A Year) and many more...

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How long is the process?

Our process, from the consult to scene-rendering, can be as quick as two months! We can meet with you via Zoom and get your tailor-made scenes sent & ready to go within a week. Then, we can shoot as soon as two weeks from then. Turn-around-time for footage is 30 days from the shoot date!

How do I get my scene partners?

We always recommend working with people you know before we cast any scene. Acting classmates, fellow actors from groups you're a member of on Facebook or in person, etc. If you need help casting your scenes, we have a plethora of incredible actors we work with consistently.

Are there payment plans?

Totally, 100%. We strive to make this process as streamlined, easy and affordable for you as possible. We can work with you to design a payment plan that works for you; whether that's paying-in-full the day of the shoot, or paying over a few months. We'll find the best set-up for you & get working on the filming.

Can I write my own scenes?

Absolutely! We work with a variety of talented actors, some of which are also screenwriters. We're very collaborative and would love to bring your voice to life. We have worked with some actors on writing one of the scenes while they write the other two, or any number of combinations.